Linux Fibre Channel SAN (Ubuntu)

Linux Fibre Channel SAN

SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates are being used in everything, from securing web page transactions, signing device drivers, loading software (side loading) onto smart phones, signing software packages, authenticating users ..... the list goes on. For a long time certificates trusted by systems outside of your organization have been a bit expensive and often times avoided  unless you absolutely had to have them for something. Over the last few years that has been changing and certificates are becoming affordable and are being used everywhere.  

2 Factor Authentication

2 Factor Authentication

Windows Server 2012

Windows Server 2012
So I have been working with Windows Server 2012 for a while now and this post is way over due. There are MANY new feature in Windows 2012. If I didn't have a day job maybe I could get to them all and write about them, but that is asking to much so I will sum up my experience with the features I have found a use for in my lab. While I have not been in love with the lack of a Start Menu on the 2012 RTM or Windows 8 I have found features I like and others I don't like:
First What I don't Like:

Windows Server 2012 upgrade to 2012 R2

I have been wanting to upgrade my Windows Server 2012 to Windows Server 2012 R2. Today I decided to see how hard it would be to do an inplace upgrade of one of my Windows 2012 RTM VMs to R2. The only error I ran into was: System devices: Microsoft Hyper-V S3 Cap  (Microsoft emulated s3 device cap) which was very easy to fix. I just had to disable it in Device Manager and after that, it worked perfectly.

My VM server configuration is as follows:

10GB ram

2 VHDs

4 Virtual Processors

DIY iSCSI Virtual Tape Library

DIY iSCSI Virtual Tape Library (Work in progress)

Please note this posting in not done and is still a work in progress. as I have time to work with it I will add more and finalize it.

IE 10 Crashes in Exchange 2013 ECP

IE Crashes in Exchange 2013 ECP

This is is due to a security bug in IE 10 and requires KB2761465 to fix it. This is found at:

Exchange 2013 in 2010 environment Install

Let's Build a Spam/Antivirus Filter

I need a Spam and antivirus filter for my network. Free is better! I use Exchange and TMG but Email spam and AV is not that good, and Money is lacking. Soooo lets look to good old Linux!

I did the install of OpenSuse linux per  Installing OpenSUSE article. Initially I tryed it on Centos and it was workable but a difficult install due to built in repository limits so I opted for OpenSUSE 12.2

Disable sendmail by running the following from konsole as root

Installing OpenSUSE

I have spent time on CentOS but it is not the only release out there. OpenSUSE is a nice release with a more complete repository and built in Hyper-V integration support so the mouse works off the bat. If you are like me and manage your Windows Hyper-V server through RDP rather than from the console, It makes it much easier. So let's install it!



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