SSL Certificates



SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates are being used in everything, from securing web page transactions, signing device drivers, loading software (side loading) onto smart phones, signing software packages, authenticating users ..... the list goes on. For a long time certificates trusted by systems outside of your organization have been a bit expensive and often times avoided  unless you absolutely had to have them for something. Over the last few years that has been changing and certificates are becoming affordable and are being used everywhere.  

  • You have your big name companies like verisign/Symantec  that have the name that allows them to charge what ever they want (Basic SSL Certificate $200-300/yr), then you have smaller less well known companies that often times can get you a certificate for much less. Some of them come with a security Warranty to cover damages should they not live up to their promise and you or your customers suffer financial loss because of their negligence. 
  • You have your Middle of the road companies like,, that have a Basic Certificate for $70+/yr with $100,000+ warranty for damages.
  • You have your low end providers such as that can have them from 4.99 a year with a $10,000 Warranty. 
  • Finally you have the no frills, pass the test certs that can be gotten free from but is trusted by most systems and browsers.

The cert that is right for you depends on your pocket book and it's purpose. If you are running a bank and want to protect your customers data, you probably want to go with the high dollar Symantec certificate on the same token, if you just want basic encryption on a web page to do it (like this one has) you are probably ok with a cert from or If you are running a website that has $10,000 in sales per year you may be alright with a middle of the road company.

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