SCCM 2012 Low Bandwidth WAN



In my test lab I have started to test  SCCM 2012 over a low bandwidth (512k Down/256k UP) WAN (using my home brewed WAN emulator) our international offices. I have placed a Distribution point at each location and am deploying updates from our main site through the DP. I have set the Primary site to only use 10% of bandwidth during business hours and 100% after business hours. Of course I have set a separate boundary group for each site based on the AD sites and IP address.

Things I found so far:

Windows 2008 R2 Servers

  • We had a Group Policy on our international sites that affected Local Administrators Group Membership so I had to add the SCCM-SERVER$ computer account to an existing user group that was granted Local Administrator access through the group policy.
  • Due to restrictions on the dites, Remote management was turned off on our 2008 R2 servers.
  • Our servers at the sites we use for 2008 R2 management was extremely low on C: drive space (200MB)
  • 2008 R2 SP 1 had not been applied because of this.

Windows 2003 R2 Servers

  • Same group policy issue as we had with Windows 2008 R2
  • Had to enable BITS
  • had to install %\Microsoft Configuration Manager\Client\i386\msrdcoob_x86.exe from the client directory on the primary site.
  • Also RDC(Remote Differential Compression) should be installed however it was already installed on our systems.

I have now told it to distribute the update packages to these sites and a WIM image, as well as the boot images. The boot images completed overnight, however the others are still processing. I will keep watching them. Some are showing failures but these failures saying it could not contact the distribution point, however after a while some have cleared and show completed. I think it may just be an issue with the low bandwidth. I will keep monitoring and update as I have more information.


Setting Rate Limit:

An important thing I have found, is setting the rate limit.During bushiness hours for the remote location, I set this down to about 25% so they always have the majority of their bandwidth available and we don't impact their work. I have found this works well even in location with low Satellite bandwidth and latency.

  1. Under Administration►Site Configuration►Server and Site System Roles Select the server, then select "Distribution Point" under Site System Roles,  then click the "Properties" Button in the Site Role menu ribbon:
  2. Now on the Properties page, select the "Rate Limit" tab select "Limited to specified maximum transfer rates by hour." radio button, the select the hours (this is local time at the Distribution Point NOT at the Primary Site Server), and the amount to limit use of available bandwidth. Note: This will send a burst, calculate the amount of bandwith there was, send another burst , calculate again and continue to distribute packages doing this so it only uses what is available and limits the impact on network resources.

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